Newgioco CEO Mike Ciavarella Discusses Elys Betting Platform in Gambling Insider Magazine

  • Editorial Highlights the Challenges Faced by Casino Sportsbooks

NEW YORK, April 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Newgioco Group, Inc. (“Newgioco” or the “Company”) (OTCQB: NWGI), today announced that Gambling Insider Magazine has published an exclusive editorial by Company CEO Mike Ciavarella. In the editorial, Mr. Ciavarella highlights the need for casinos and route operators to employ sophisticated business and artificial intelligence to the management of their sports books in order to build and sustain a transparent and level playing field for both players and operators alike.


“I am honored to have been able to comment on the fast rise of sports betting in the midst of complicated software terminology and the exuberance by casinos and patrons alike to partake in an active sports book as well as the many challenges and opportunities this creates for operators,” stated Mike Ciavarella, Chief Executive Officer of Newgioco. “Newgioco’s Elys™ betting platform by Odissea is a best-in-class differentiated solution that helps licensed operators quickly analyze risk and maximize profit. Utilizing sophisticated technology-based risk management and adaptive business intelligence, Elys aims to be a key business partner of betting operators around the world.”


Elys is currently being used by over 25 partner operators in 12 countries including: Italy, Peru, Nigeria, Paraguay, Albania, Honduras, Colombia, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Uganda, Nicaragua, and Turkey and soon to be deployed through recently signed agreements with both tribal casino and commercial route operations in the U.S.


As stated by Mr. Ciavarella in the editorial, “Specialized stacked schematics combines processing technology, applications, and human skill to extract key data from incoming bets to reveal observations that would otherwise be imperceptible by human traders and off-the-shelf, plug-in risk management software alone.”


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