<center>Michele (Mike) Ciavarella</center>

Michele (Mike) Ciavarella

Chief Executive Officer

Michele has over 25 years of executive, c-level and senior level management along with practical Six Sigma, S5 and Kaizen lean business process experience.

From 2004 to 2011 he was engaged in senior executive and director roles for a variety of private and publicly listed companies as well as business development officer for a family owned business in the commercial retail fixture industry. From 1990 to 2004, Michele served as a senior executive, financial planner and life insurance underwriter managing a portfolio of over $100 million for First Nations in Ontario, Canada. He is a graduate of Laurentian University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Liberal Sciences with studies in mining engineering.

<center>Alessandro Marcelli</center>

Alessandro Marcelli

Chief Operating Officer

Alessandro Marcelli serves as our President and brings 20 years of professional experience in the technology industry having a broad range of applicable cross border experience including a key role as Project Manager of Software with NATO working within the Turkish Army. He was employed with Vodafone Group PLC for 12 years as manager of the operational and maintenance center for central and south Italy operations. Mr. Marcelli has extensive experience in communications, team building as well as management skills in fast changing environments.
Since 2007, Mr. Marcelli has been the COO and Managing Director of Multigioco Srl. and has been instrumental in its growth, expanding the Newgioco/Multigioco brand to over EUR 77 Million in gross annual gaming turnover during his tenure.

<center>Luca Pasquini</center>

Luca Pasquini

Chief Technology Officer and Director

Luca brings 30 years of Information Technology experience has held the key roles of team leader, service manager and project manager in various software and technology development projects. From 2011 to 2013, Luca was IT Manager with GoldBet sportwetten Gmbh where he provided executive oversight of technology adaptation and software development during a period of substantial growth in GoldBet’s betting turnover.
In 2013, Luca co-founded Odissea Betriebsinformatik Beratung Gmbh where he was instrumental in the planning and creation of a powerful, leading edge sports betting and gaming technology system. Luca was also instrumental in assembling a solid team of gaming specialist software engineers that have developed a comprehensive bookmaker platform and a full suite of gaming products.

<center>Angelo Merola</center>

Angelo Merola

Director Institutional Relations

Angelo Merola, brings 13 years of experience in the gaming world, has specialized in institutional relations and in the compliance. He was CEO for 5 years at another gaming company, making it one of the first to be independent in terms of business and technological implementations. Angelo is a highly respected name throughout the regulated Italian gaming industry, have proven the value of incorporating our ELYS™ betting Platform by Odissea in the highly contested and vibrant Italian sports betting market.

<center>Beniamino (Benji) Gianfelici</center>

Beniamino (Benji) Gianfelici

Vice President Regulatory Affairs

Beniamino is the founder and a director of Newgioco Srl and has over 35 years of experience in the gaming industry in Italy.
Prior to establishing Newgioco in the gaming business, Beniamino formed and operated a successful construction enterprise based in Rome, Italy.

<center>Alessandro Alpi</center>

Alessandro Alpi

Database Administrator, DevOps engineer, Team Leader

Alessandro Alpi is a DevOps engineer, database administrator and a Data Platform Microsoft MVP as well as a Microsoft Certified Professional with over 20 years of experience. He is also currently our betting platform technology team leader, focusing on DevOps (development and delivery) processes.
Alessandro is a staff member of getlatestversion.it community and writes articles on Microsoft docs and mostly on SQL Server Communities, like SQLServerCentral.com, red-gate.com and simple-talk.com. He’s an active member of StackOverflow and github contributing and sharing his knowledge.
Alessandro is one of the Italian organizers of PASS SQL Saturdays, and is the regional manager together with Michael Denny, of the organization of the SQL Saturday and DevOpsHeroes events in Parma, Italy.

<center>Michael Denny</center>

Michael Denny

Software Engineer

Michael Denny is a NET developer and software architect and Microsoft MVP with over 17 years of experience. Michael specializes in the development of highly scalable applications and is a full-time software architect on our betting platform technology development team. He also contributes regularly to open-source projects and also supports developers in MSDN, StackOverflow and dotnethell forums and to members of the community since 2011.
Michael earned his Microsoft MVP status in 2014 on .net and is also a trainer specialized for Visual Studio and Programming Object. Along with Alessandro Alpi, Michael is one of the organizers of the PASS SQL Saturday event in Parma, Italy.

<center>Federico Reisenauer</center>

Federico Reisenauer

Software Project Manager

Federico is a Project Management expert with over 15 years of qualified team leadership experience as IT resource-oriented management of Linux and Windows systems. He is responsible for stakeholder relationships as well as end customer interface concept and translates commercial transaction functional requirements of our betting platform software to the technical development staff.

<center>Bryan Calderoni</center>

Bryan Calderoni

Web and Graphic Designer

Bryan Calderoni is responsible for developing and maintaining our Newgioco brand standards while designing print and online materials, including promotional email layouts, videos, infographics, flyers, stacking diagrams, maps and websites, etc. In addition, Mr. Calderoni is an expert in web development and SEO functionality, currently holds a master certification in Web Design & eCommerce, Adobe Video development and specializes in creating logos and branding for ecommerce, presentations and interactive designs for the implementation of product marketing.

<center>Franco Salvagni</center>

Franco Salvagni

VP Land-based Operations

Franco has 20 years of experience at the retail level in Italian gaming business. In 2013, Franco joined Ulisse Gmbh as Area Manager in charge of developing the land-based distribution of betting shops in Italy. Franco has been a key player in rapidly growing and managing the location portfolio from start-up to over 100 locations during his tenure.

<center>Carlo Reali</center>

Carlo Reali

Financial Controller

Carlo Reali brings over 25 years of financial management experience in the retail gaming business, having worked his entire career with one of the largest gaming companies in Italy. He has extensive knowledge of pricing models and accounting processes in all gaming product verticals. Mr. Reali brings a strong cash management skill set to this new role, and will work closely with our CFO, VP Finance and auditing firm to prepare and support our financial reporting efficiency. The hiring of an internal financial controller at our operation level is a part of the company’s mandate to implement corporate-wide standard operating procedures aimed at streamlining our financial reporting procedures going forward.

<center>Gabriele Peroni</center>

Gabriele Peroni

VP Business Development

Gabriele brings 20 years of experience in the online and land-based gaming business. From 2011 to 2013, Gabriele was the senior sales manager for GoldBet sportwetten Gmbh in charge of business development throughout Italy. Gabriele was influential in leading the company to doubling betting turnover to over €500 million during his tenure.
In 2013, Gabriele co-founded Odissea Betriebsinformatik Beratung Gmbh where he has been instrumental to securing a number of significant B2B contracts producing approximately €12 million in betting turnover per week.

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