Advanced betting solutions


Newgioco’s Poker product is distributed on People’s Poker, the largest Italian network of online Poker. It provides widely played variations such as Texas Hold’em, Omaha and Omaha Hi-Low, offered in Cash, Tournament and Sit & Go mode and in the most recent Velox mode.
Newgioco’s Poker is particularly accurate in identifying the latest trends and innovations of the market in order to provide players with a cutting-edge and competitive play mode.


Newgioco’s Poker includes over 100 events per day equivalent to a 1.5 million euro payout per month from tournaments alone.
The “People’s Poker Tour” (PPTour) is a live tournament organized and managed by Newgioco, taking place in the key Italian and international locations.
The combination of online and live gaming ensures a complete, fun and challenging experience for players.


Newgioco’s Poker is supervised by a Network Manager who coordinates all critical activities including:
• Scheduling
• Promotions
• Risk management
• Anti-fraud services
• Technical support
Thanks to our high-performance gaming products, Operators can focus their resources on player’s satisfaction
and user acquisition strategies.


The Newgioco Poker Room Apps created for smartphones and tablets are characterized by a simple and intuitive interface, a quick registration process and optimized graphics
designed to ensure fast and easy web navigation.
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Great features
that work
on all stationary and mobile devices

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