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Virtual generation

The most realistic virtual betting experience! Get the feeling of the track, see your favourite greyhounds run for the podium and guess who will win.

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Game product

points of sale

With our Back office, you can:
•Create and manage commercial networks with multiple levels
•Assign commission plans to each network and beting shop
•Access a detailed and complete information service
•Export files in di?fferent formats
•See in real time what customers are betting
With our retail application, your shops can:
• Create employee account sand manage their permissions
• Create self-service terminal sand customize their bet limits
• Apply filters to the bet list to check the cash flows of each employee and each terminal
• Use a barcode reader to quickly verify the result of each bet and print a receipt of payment
• Analyze in detail the game volumes of a commercial network
With our Betting interface, your clients can:
• Place more than 30 different types of bets
• Make combined bets on current and future events and on different sports
• Create system bets with up to 100,000 combinations
• Manage and print their coupon using mouse or quick shortcuts
• Use the random selector to let the system choosn instead
Our Product
• Virtual football
• Greyhound racing
• Horse racing
• Keno
• American Roulette
• Colours
Virtual Generation
Virtual Generation Ltd. is a software development company specialised in the production and distribution of highly advanced platforms for virtual betting; active and constantly growing all over the world, for this reason, it is attentive to the needs of its customers. It consists of a team with more than 15 years experience in sports betting sector.
Virtual Generation uses advanced and complete betting management software, unsurpassed, flexible and customizable, adaptable to different types of companies and markets.